The most important component of a Minarik Guitar, is passion.


Passion to use the finest materials possible. Passion that turns to obsession to make you a guitar that blows you away EVERY TIME you play it.

Passion to create the finest quality instrument available, anywhere.

What is the result of our Passion?

Passionate Customers!

Our company consists of two primary sections.

Super Custom Series

Our Super Custom Series guitars and basses are all hand built in the United States. Founder M.E.Minarik's vision of advancing the sonic technology of instrument construction began in our custom shop. That heritage continues today with specialists in their particular fields working together to bring you a one of a kind handbuilt instrument of your own specifications.

Studio X-treme Series

Our Studio X-treme Series guitars and basses are designed to bring our technologies to market in a more affordable package. Our close working relationship with our overseas manufacturing partners has made it possible for our import instruments to achieve the sonic ranges of their big brothers coming out of our custom shop, at a fraction of their costs.

Contact Us

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