Firebolt ©

The Minarik Firebolt redefines the look and tone of V shaped guitars. The width of this guitar is key to generating its massive tonal spectrum. The chambers on the inside of the Firebolt are different from left to right, and have been custom carved to allow massive amounts of acoustic volume to be pushed out of the signature lightning bolt F-holes. This acoustic volume translates into mind blowing amounts of sustain and power, while the neck thru tone bar guarantees intense overdrive tone without unwanted feedback normally associated with F-hole style guitars.

The balance of the Firebolt is spot on. The looks of this guitar are pure Minarik. The wavelike sides flow towards the tips of the guitar, while the underside turns back on itself with two mirrored half circles.

Probably one of the most striking features on this guitar are the lightning bolt F-holes. This is another example of charting new visual and sonic territory by Minarik. The larger opening of the lightning bolt F-holes allow the volume controls to be installed without cutting a control plate in the rear. This allows maximum sound to be generated by the perfect uncut panels.

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