Halo ®

This is founder M.E. Minarik’s crowning achievement in traditional guitar design. This guitar defies description. It is not a single cut-away, nor a double cut-away..... It is a "zero cut-away." Instead of following the age old trend of cutting away wood to make room for your hand, Minarik went the total opposite direction. Look closely at the upper bouts, they actually come up towards your hand! The opposite of a cut-away..... a "zero cut-away!" This bold design actually allows more access to upper frets than any cut-away guitar without sacrificing the beauty and tone of the instrument. Halo features Minarik’s proprietary Tone Tail Engineering and Custom Tone Chambering. Add Minarik’s optional, proprietary Angel Step top for a truly heavenly sound. If you haven’t picked up a Minarik Halo yet, visit your local music store and "get your wings."

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