Masquerade ®

Following in the tradition of Minarik’s distinctive Tone Tail designed series of instruments, the Masquerade is the next evolution of the double cutaway guitar. The Masquerade features Minarik’s proprietary Tone Tail Engineering. This feature is most critical to the instruments low-end frequency response, allowing for the warm tonal response that has become synonymous with Minarik Guitars. Our Custom Tone Chambering has been modified to maximize the Masquerade body’s natural resonance and it’s all topped off with with a new variation on our proprietary Tone Tail design located at the base of the instrument. The waving lines of the unique elongated pick guard that envelopes the right side of the body, radiates inspiration from the Sacred Geometry Flower of Life, that it features on its base. If you’re looking for that elusive inspirational sound for your next project, listen to and FEEL the Minarik Masquerade model.

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