Medusa ®

The Medusa model guitar takes all of our proprietary Tone Tail Engineering and Custom Tone Chambering and combines it all into one of the most sonically and visually important guitars Minarik has ever produced.

The longer, blade shaped lower left side of the body is an engineered bass frequency chamber. This chamber gives the Medusa a low frequency range that surpasses any guitar on the market. The scroll shaped lower right side of the guitar has almost half the surface area mass. Combine this with Custom Tone Chambering and you have one of the most enhanced high frequency generating areas ever built. These two opposing engineering features give the Medusa a tonal range that has to be heard to be believed. The classic violin inspired C-cuts offer the perfect pedestal for the beautifully sculptured tuning fork upper bouts. Minarik again ventures into stylistic new territory by having the abalone binding leave the outside of the body to help create the "blade" look on the bass Frequency chamber’s beveled edge.

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