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The Minarik NiteCrawler is a visual and sonic Tour de Force. This instrument has a custom carved top and back reminiscent of the roaring jazz guitars of yesteryear (in the way of maple flames). This special carved top and back only covers 50% of lower portion of the body, while leaving the upper portion of the body a thin flat panel. The heavy acoustic tendencies of the upper flat top, combined with the "Mack truck" distortion potential of the carved and arched Lower half of the body show Minarik is once again charting NEW sonic territory on both ends of the spectrum. This is the only guitar in the world with half an arch top, and half of a flat top on the same guitar. The sonic signature of this model is pure Minarik. The shape and balance is spot on with Custom Tone Chambering. Plan a place in your guitar collection for this jaw dropping addition to the Minarik family of guitars.

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