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The Minarik Sceptre is one of the purest and most dynamic expressions of tonal excellence you will find in a traditional guitar design, featuring Minarik's proprietary Tone Tail Engineering, increasing left side mass crucial to sustaining enhanced low frequency response. Our Custom Tone Chambering has been engineered to fit the Sceptre's larger left and right sculpted upper bouts.

The Sceptre features Minarik's custom carved Cello Topp. This unique arch-top gently flows into a "dished" lip that follows the lower edge area of the instrument. The dished edge reduces towards the upper bouts, where a sculpted ridge cascades down the center of the upper bouts, diminishing effortlessly toward the mid point of the body. The Minarik Sceptre will earn a valued place in your musical endeavors both visually and sonically.

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